Rosado Xl Bullies

For the Love of American Bullies

Having experienced their loving companionship first-hand, we want to bring American Bullies to families worldwide. For those looking for an American Bully puppy for sale, we’re always on the search for a caring, responsible family to take our pups in and give them a home. Our Rosado XI Bullies were chosen from the most renowned breeders in Central Florida, and their mixed bloodlines give them a truly loving temperament. We’re based in Kissimmee, Florida, but we serve anyone in the world and believe the American Bully experience is something everyone should have.

The Person Behind It All

Hi, my name is Rico. I started Rosado XI Bullies when I got my pups Bailey and Flex 3 years ago. They’ve brought deep, loving companionship to me in a way I want everyone to experience — which is why I feel so passionate about what I do here. I don’t believe in pups going to just any home — I want to make sure they go to a place they can stay in forever, with a good family. Aside from running this business, I am a professional MMA fighter and offer discounts to veterans, fellow MMA fighters, and people with disabilities.