Presenting With Pride And Love

Our Rosado XI Bullies pack. Exotic American bullies from the most renowned breeders in Central Florida, their mix of bloodlines make them genuinely loving companions. Each pup is a star and special in its own way – with a life-long friend in them for the right caring home.


IBB’s Bailey is a true daddy’s girl. She follows her dad everywhere, with the most intense and attentive look in her eyes. If we had to use one word to describe her, it would simply be ‘loyal.’


Crystal is playful, loving, and really something special. She’s never one to miss a meal and has quite an appetite! We’re sure she’ll be shining even more as she keeps growing.


Once just a tiny little puppy, Diamond has grown so much for being only 7 1/2 months old! She loves to play with the pack and has a beaming, glowing heart for absolutely everyone. We’ll keep you updated with how fast this precious one grows!


Meet IBB and GTB’s Flex. This big boy is always on the prowl and is one for playing (and entangling) with Karma. Fully grown and ready to produce, we know he’ll be making beautiful pups that take on the best of both worlds.



Bringing the best from IBB and Desirabull: meet Karma. Undoubtedly her brother’s twin, her size keeps growing along with the fullness of her heart. She loves nothing more than playtime with her toys and is one to keep an eye on!

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Meet the new addition to the Rosado XL Bullies family Ezekiel🧡 and our frenchie currently open for stud 💪He is a Isabella Carrier who is AKC and UKC registered with an overall amazing  Pedigree to match💯



Freddy is the inaugural creation of FLEX & DIAMOND, serving as a robust one-year-old canine with an exceptionally kind disposition. His substantial physical stature aptly complements his compassionate nature. We eagerly anticipate utilizing Freddy as our future stud.